• Building Businesses

    Keeping up with the ever-changing digital world is a full time job. But it’s not your full time job, it’s ours. As your digital partner, we’ll turn your technical frustration, uncertainty and challenges into valuable digital solutions.

    First, we learn your business, and then we help you understand ours. We’ll integrate ourselves with your team to create custom digital solutions—from simple HTML to full-on IT network infrastructure to custom apps— that meet your current needs and future ambitions.

    You’ll never have to choose between creative, technology, strategy or marketing, because we do it all. And we do it all very, very well. No matter the budget or scope of work, you’ll always work with our A team. There are no B team at Backbone.

    If you want to know where tech can take your business, make Backbone your digital partner. We’ll build your business online, on time and on budget. It’s our word, and we never break it.


  • Partnering With Agencies

    When timelines are short, talent gets stretched and that’s when you need to reach out to a partner who can come up with the big digital idea in a day. Us.

    We get agencies. We work with them every day. If you need digital or social media expertise, online strategies or killer creative, let us tackle the tech side of your client’s business. There’s no need to worry if you have to ramp us up quickly to win a big client, our track record for delivering impressive and doable digital solutions is proven.

    We respect your business and will become a seamless part of your team.

    So bring Backbone in to be a partner for your Account Director, relief for your Project Manager, inspiration for your Creatives, support for your IT department, or an entire Digital Department for your agency without paying for an entire digital department.

Our Philosophy

  • #1

    be seekers

    New ways. New technology. New solutions.

    We seek, we solve, and what we do not find, we invent. We are the first to adapt new ideas in order to develop engaging and robust online solutions for our clients.

  • #2

    fit in

    We become a seamless part of our client's company. Whether it’s working with an in-house marketing team, an extended team, or as an agency partner, we can work behind the scenes or run the show. It’s your call.

  • #3

    Always Real

    Our word. Our passion. Our advice. Our results.

    We stand behind what we say, what we believe, and what we can do and have done for our clients. It’s all in our word. Backbone.

  • #4

    Full on

    15 years has only galvanized our passion and enthusiasm.

    And as your full-on, full-service digital partner, we are always ready to go. And we don't quit, no matter what the challenge. In fact, we don’t see challenges, only solutions.

  • #5

    true believers

    We’re technologically advanced artists.

    We are dreamers in everything we do and believe, and there isn’t anything we can’t do. Web design, architecture and development, custom web functionality, networks, software—our list of capabilities grows every day.

The Team

You know those people who really love what they do? That’s us. We’re obsessed with transforming our clients’ businesses through digital brilliance.
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