• What is Expression?

    Expression is Backbone’s fully scalable, enterprise-capable content management system that was built in-house from the ground up to support the users and administrators of sites like yours.

    Using Expression, non-technical users are empowered to take control of web content and SEO parameters in a completely multi-user environment. As more advanced features are required, functionality can be added in pieces such as elements, modules, and components with limited dependency and impact on the rest of the site.


  • Users

    Fine-grained user access rights

    Expression’s comprehensive permissions allow administrators to control access to any portion of the Expression Network at a granular level. Privileges for an entire section can be set for a particular user group or individual file access can be set for a single user. This allows a variety of types of users to work within the Expression CMS while maintaining the security of confidential documentation.

    Advanced templating system

    Expression uses a flexible template system that ensures a consistent look and feel for all areas of the website. There is no limitation to how many templates can be used: whether you have a few basic templates or a dozen distinct page layouts, Expression has you covered.


  • Components

    Custom components

    Expression’s innate modularity allows us to develop entire applications and custom database solutions that act as extensions to Expression’s native functionality. For example, photo contest entries can be managed, vetted, and approved within a custom back-end interface within Expression so that the management of the entire website is a centralized and cohesive experience.

    Modules & elements

    Advanced functionality can be easily added by selecting Modules and Elements. A Module might be a user-configurable multimedia gallery, styled list, web form, or a poll – but the possibilities are limitless. Expression Elements are infinitely flexible building blocks that deliver content and design seamlessly to the end user. They are what sets Expression apart from any other CMS, and can leverage any technology such as RSS, JSON, HTML, jQuery, AJAX, or Canvas. Our modular components allow us to add functionality to the site, as it becomes a priority, keeping your site fresh and up to date without needing to rebuild the site.


  • Flexible

    Flexible categorization system

    All content can be categorized – not only as a system of organization, but also as a way of tagging content for use on the site. You can use any content at any time anywhere on the website, without limits. For example, categorizing an article as a Home Feature (or any name you like) might cause that article to be displayed on the home feature banner. Multiple categories can be applied at the same time, creating various options for pushing content to the front-end.

    Articles and WYSIWYG editing

    The basic unit of content in Expression is an article. That being said, an article might be a page of text, a branded area within a template, an item in a menu, a slide within a slideshow, and more. The notion of an article to facilitate the abstraction of data which can be entered using consistent workflows, but manipulated and displayed to the front end in a variety of ways. When composing content for text pages or blog posts, Expression offers a What-You-See-Is-What- You-Get editor similar to most word processors. Text formatting, image placement, and linking are simple, straightforward tasks for users of any level.


  • Content

    Media explorer

    All site media is organized and archived in Expression’s Media Explorer. Each file can be given a name and description distinct from its filename. A simple, but powerful search feature makes finding the right file a quick and painless process.

    Rich media capabilities

    Streaming video and custom image galleries are easy for users to incorporate into the site. Expression’s video module and photo gallery module can be skinned to match the look of the site and then placed anywhere on the site using Expression’s article editor. The major benefit to this modular approach is that galleries can be re-skinned without affecting the data within them. This prevents you from having to throw the baby out with the bathwater every time a new design or change is required.


  • SEO

    Search engine optimization (SEO) features

    Expression is built to be search-engine friendly and provides all the tools you need to be crawled by major search engines:

    ‣ Search Engine Friendly (SEF) URLs Give web page addresses descriptive content and improve ranking. For example, a singlelevel, descriptive URL like http://www.yourdomain.com/ shop-online/ will rank more highly and resonates in a visitor’s mind more than http://www.yourdomain.com/?p=1257

    ‣ Automatically-Generated XML Sitemaps This can be combined with free Webmaster tools from Google and Bing to ensure that the site is crawled accurately.

    ‣ Meta Keywords and Descriptions These are built into Expression’s article editor and can be added and edited at any time. Clean mark-up ensures that article content is found, crawled, and ranked by major search engines.




    DATAVAULTTM is Backbone’s privately held data center. It is set within a 1,000 square meter custom facility in Vancouver. Our servers are monitored on a 24/7 basis for performance, uptime, data backups and security.

    24/7 monitoring.

    99.9% uptime.

    Contact us for more info

  • Cloud Computing

    It is our recommendation that Backbone takes care of your hosting needs. We have a state-of-the art server facility on-site at our head office in Vancouver and an in-house IT team who can immediately help resolve any issues that arise. We host the majority of our clients and strongly feel this is the best way to ensure optimal performance of your website.

    Whereas our competition deems it sufficient to park your website somewhere at the outskirts of the internet, we have chosen to keep our hosting in-house as a premium all-inclusive package that includes constant server monitoring, scheduled data backups, reliable uptime, and infrastructure that can react to spikes in traffic and scale to meet your storage needs.


  • Backups & Consistency


    All of our servers are replicated to an off-site backup solution on a nightly basis with snapshots retained for up to six months. Our goal here is to provide a high assurance of business continuance in a disaster situation.


    Our server metrics have been benchmarked at 99.99% uptime. Any scheduled maintenance that may cause momentary outages will be prefaced with a notice 72 hours in advance.


  • Infrastructure


    Our servers are stored in our own secure co-location facility in Vancouver, outside of the downtown core. In terms of physical security, multiple layers of authentication must be satisfied before any individual can gain access to the server cages.


    Our co-location facility is set up with multi-homed fibre optic uplinks provided by Shaw and Allstream along physically separated pathways. We also have a further failover running dark fibre from Peer 1 should the two primary providers fail for any reason. All of our internal server hardware is running Gigabit Ethernet connections.


  • Admin & support

    Managed services

    Our co-location facility is staffed by a team of certified systems administrators who work constantly in the background to ensure that the underlying server architecture receives the required patches and operating system updates. Our servers are also monitored on a 24/7 basis for performance and uptime.

    Technical support

    We’ve built our business on the idea that one phone call should solve any issue. With Expression hosting, our clients have access to our entire team via our support line. After hours support is also available at a premium hourly rate for emergency support situations.


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