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Our challenge was clear: market and sell Commune54, an apartment complex with an innovative concept. The building’s creative living spaces, the integration with the community and neighborhood, as well as the incredible views of the city and the hills, would undoubtedly resonate with an avant-garde audience. But, we had to connect with the buyers on an emotional level, and demonstrate that Commune54 was the ideal place to call home.


We knew the first place to start was with an inspiring brand that connected with the emotions of those who do not conform to usual. We created a manifest that aligned with the personality of the intended buyer, and then structured a corporate identity with a simple but provocative colorimetric, combined with two versatile fonts and a clear and friendly design. The result was a fresh, edgy brand.


The next phase was to design and develop a website for all devices, with a site architecture that allowed for easy and intuitive usability. The initial page sets the stage for the entire project, capturing the visitor with a bold image of the building and the surrounding community. The design continues with beautiful imagery, which we balance with powerful content. The user finds themselves visually experiencing the space, while conjuring up the emotions of living in the environment. Potential buyers also have the opportunity to download reference files to further their research and aid in the buying decision.


Essential to the success of connecting with the potential buyer was strong, authentic content that clearly encapsulated Commune54’s dream living environment. Each written word and message reflected the personality of the project. We worked diligently to determined the "Commune54" philosophy, which we brought to life with a digital and advertising strategy that was distinct. We married quality renderings and images of the project with messages that peaked people’s interest and allowed them to embark on a journey of imagining themselves living in this great space. This was followed by a video that helped to move potential buyers along to aspiring to be part of the Commune54 life.


Finally, we developed an app that would empower the residents to familiarize themselves with the neighborhood, their neighbors and communicate with each other. They can propose joint activities, arrange and book common areas and exchange interesting information. The goal of the app was to bring the Commune54 style to their fingertips; integrating recreation and relaxation, discovering the best of the neighborhood and becoming aware of what is happening.


We launched the product offering to the market and within days we saw results: first a boost in organic traffic led the initial visitor, then a ton of referral traffic. Social networks were buzzing with people commenting and sharing the Commune54 vision; all culminating in the sales of apartments. The avant-garde community embraced the the good life, the new collective thinking, and the commitment to the welfare and sustainability of a group of people with common interests—Commune54.

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