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Runner Magazine was a well known, weekly publication about running, with an equivelant website on its side. When the crisis hit publications, their website took the uphill, and from a supportive medium it started drawing more people and even more advertising revenue. But the excisting website was out of date and not flexible, so potential business growth just couldn’t overtake online limitations. That’s where we came in.

The Idea

We understood that we had to do a lot more than redesign the website. So we decided to go that extra mile and build an online hub with essential tools for real life runners that would at the same time solve real business problems.



Runner - Backbone


The first step was to redesign the whole website το make it look fresh, clean and attractive to users. We revamped the logo and produced the appropriate iconography for each section.

Runner - Backbone


Last but not least, we had to build the website in a way that would attract more advertising revenue. Utilizing Expression’s powerfull templates and elements we were able to provide the website administrators with various placement options for banners and sponsored background skins.

Runner - Backbone


A business division within Runner Magazine was responsible for the monitoring and timing of various running events across the country. Setting it ahead of its competition, we created an online tool which allowed race results to be imported into the Expression CMS platform. Runners are now able to find and filter a wide variety of race result data through this interactive website enhancement.

Runner - Backbone


Through our discovery process we identified four different categories of runners. So we built the website in such a way that it would be easy for them to navigate and find information relative to their profile.

Runner - Backbone

The Impact

The website has been transformed into an online destination for running
enthusiasts of all backgrounds. Everything from training tips to dietary suggestions, product reviews, events and news, Runner Magazine is leading the digital race far ahead of its competition.


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