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The Ask

Teck, Canada’s largest diversified resource company, approached Backbone with one big ask: Develop a state-of-the-art, enterprise-level website that empowered multiple users and multiple departments within the company while creating a visually powerful and informative experience to visitors.  Simple and intuitive navigation, no matter what device, was imperative. Further, we needed to combine Teck’s multiple sites under one domain in a easy-to-use management platform and seamlessly render interactive data from external APIs throughout the site. And finally, we had to ensure Teck data and content could be leveraged across multiple technologies.

The Solution

To meet Teck’s requirements, we knew our digital solution had to be next-level, delivering more than a conventional enterprise-level website.  We focused on designing and deploying a website that made Teck data and content quickly and easily accessible for everyone, internally and externally. We honed in on developing a website that is deeply modular and allowed their teams to create rich and engaging pages that looked more like magazine spreads. This meant the team would not be limited to structured templates their information needed to adapt to. Rather, the design and layout of a page, or a section, would be determined by administrators through the modules, allowing for complete control and flexibility.

Then we went one step further: we created an experience with a technical foundation that would evolve with emerging technologies and serve as a digital asset that will appreciate in value over time.


After an extensive discovery period working with Teck’s agency partner, our goal was to provide a site that allowed the evolution from a single lead to a larger enabled team with multiple people involved—enterprise-level technology with the ability to handle cross departmental requirements.

The initial timeline was ambitious and became even more so as the project progressed. We needed to balance the wants of the client with the creative team’s UX and design direction. Backbone was also responsible for the overarching project management and ensuring that smart and strategic decisions were made at every step of the process.

Meeting aggressive timelines, working with agency partners and adjusting to change is nothing new to us. We have spent years honing our process and developing our cutting edge Expression web technology to empower all of the users to manage the complexities that can come with a project. 




Together with Teck’s agency partner, we finalized the architecture and the design of the final website and user experience. The goal was to marry the design and technology in order to allow Teck managers to easily build rich editorial pages, eliminating the need for third-party design or technical resources. The content team was now free to create magazine-like spreads, including galleries, menus, CTAs, text and image layouts, mixing and blending multiple elements can be in an unlimited number of ways. The design also features easy-to-create interactive maps that showcase mining activities across the globe and populate with a mix of existing site content as well as new and fresh info customized to specific sections of the site.


The timeline for Teck’s site was extremely aggressive. We worked around the clock to quickly construct an immensely complex site—a feat we could not have accomplished without our proprietary web engagement management tool, Expression, our experience in building sites of this scale, our strength in project management, and the talent of our Vancouver team.

Right out the gate, before we wrote one line of HTML, we initiated Expression to fully engage the client’s content team, developing complex content and architectural classification that were easily indexed and searchable site-wide.

Expression’s powerful Content Playlists enabled us to empower the Teck team to deliver stunning results in an elegant, consistent workflow that were scalable and easy-to-use. Content Playlists put all of the power of a rich library of markup in the hands of even the most novice tech user. Lego blocks of design elements were efficiently organized into Expression’s Element and Skinnable framework, and were easily applied to any content anywhere on the web site.

Backbone also developed real-time integrations between Teck’s HR hiring tool and third-party job boards, to name a few. This went beyond basic integration and applied an intelligent content management solution that managed workflows and access control. In the end, HR could continue to add jobs as they become accustomed while the data seamlessly populated on the site, in the correct sections, pertaining to the right mine or project while be displayed consistently and on brand. Visitors no longer had to navigate off the Teck site to the third party supplier, providing control of the visitors journey to the Teck team.

The Outcome

In December 2015, we launched a flawless site. We delivered on all of the cross-departmental requirements, as well as a seamless experience that allows users to easily navigate Teck’s massive digital presence - across all devices and platforms. The final solution contains consistent workflows and user experiences in the back end, which make managing a large website like Teck easier. On the front end, visitors have everything they need at their fingertips; stunning imagery and relevant copy, the ability to search the entire site for specific content, standard integrations such as newsletter and social media, an events calendar that displays past and upcoming events, as well as any presentations or webcasts that are scheduled, and an intelligent career section.

Teck is now the benchmark for design, user experience, online technology and future scalability in their industry. Since the launch, Teck has seen a substantial increase in traffic and a decrease in the bounce rate, subsequently, raising the industry standard for implementing an engaging digital experience and catching the eye of industry watchdogs. “The best #mining and metals #websitedesign http://bit.ly/1RqvKKw. Great work @TeckResources.”

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