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White Key is a leading company for luxury villa rentals in Greece, managing a handpicked portfolio of the finest, privately-owned villas available for rent. In addition to the villa rentals, White Key also offers customized travel experiences and concierge services to their clients, collectively representing its trademark, the “White Key Villa Experience”.

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Once the client appointed Backbone to redesign their website, the team worked extensively to identify the key drivers needed to deliver a user experience that would resonate with their customers. The team recognized that a simple redesign of the website with beautiful imagery wasn’t going to cut it. Instead of merely showcasing a portfolio of villas, the team came together to design an industry leading digital experience.

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Backbone conducted a number of discovery session to gain insight of user habits and tendencies when searching for a villa. With several unique traits and habits identified, the initial outcome was to group the villas into themes. Once additional data mining was conducted, the team further determined crucial search criteria - such as destination, number of people, number of beds - which were utilized in a filtering system based on their respective importance.


This approach enabled the team to design a clean and visually appealing villa section. Further, when a visitor first lands on the homepage, they are captured by the phrase "I am dreaming of...", enticing them to immediately search for their dream villa based on the intuitive filtering system and auto complete feature.


Highly aesthetic visuals and HTML videos were embedded throughout the website to showcase the villas. Google Maps with pins of the locations of the villas, accompanied by relevant information about each destination, were also incorporated. Thus, online visitors – regardless of their familiarity with Greece – can easily obtain engaging information.


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Strong collaboration with the customer, coupled with Backbone’s expertise and approach generated significant and meaningful outcomes for White Key. In only four months since launch, the number of booking inquiries have increased by 15%, the average session duration jumped more than 65%, and the bounce rate fell by 15%.

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